WATCH:Relationship With Wezi Went Beyond The ‘LOGIC’ Of Cosmas’ Wife



Award winning actor and comedian, Cosmas Ng’andwe alias Logic Benson, has revealed that his wife, Carol, did at some point feel uncomfortable about the relationship he has with singer Wezi.

The actor known for his role in the popular Zambezi Magic series, Mpali, featured on Sunday’s episode of ‘On The Table with Chimweka’ explaining that Wezi and his wife now share a great relationship, but did also experience a point when she was unsettled by their relationship. According to Cosmas, he realized this through indirect remarks she would make about his friendship with Wezi, which he says he put into consideration and worked on, for the betterment of all three of them.

From Cosmas’ account, his friendship with Wezi came after she posted about how she ‘likes the person who plays the character of the guy who speaks broken English’. After a couple interactions, they both realized that they have common interests which grew their friendship.

During the interview, Cosmas also addressed people who do not think he is funny saying they have a malicious motive of trying to make other people look like they are not doing anything.

Watch the interview here:



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