From a Dream to Reality, Meet “Clara Ciara Mutale” a Commercial Runaway and Editorial Model


Clara Ciara Mutale is Commercial Runaway and Editorial Model from Jewels Modelling Agency with the vision to create an Impact in the Beauty and Fashion Industry. Born and Bred on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia, Clara Ciara Mutale has always dreamt of being a Profession Model.

She did both her Primary and Junior High Education in Mufulira at Eagle International School and she is currently pursuing her Diploma in Journalism at Evelyn Hone College.

“I have always wanted to make an Impact and a difference in how people look at a Model. Most People have a Dirty picture of what models are and what they do. So Basically, I started modelling to create a different picture of how model is looked at.” Clara explained when asked about where she got her Inspiration of being a Model.

Clara started Modelling in 2012 but became an active Model 3 Years later in 2015 under Jewels Modelling Agency. According to Clara, the Modelling Industry is very competitive and demanding in Zambia and it’s difficult to create a Mark. It’s always a struggle to go through an Audition due to Corruption and the tendency most men have of taking advantage of Female models.

“To Those who want to take up Modelling, I would advise them to go ahead and do it because I it’s a very good field and it helps a lot in Building up Your Confidence but if you it for wrong reasons like fame and what not, you may end up in a very bad place” she advises upcoming Models.