Chile One Takes Mwizukanji On a Date, Social Media Reacts


Multi-Award winning singer and Vocalist “Chile One MrZambia” yesterday set social media ablaze after taking Socialite Mwizukanji on a date. The date which started with the singer publicly professing his love for the Socialite seem to have been received with excitement by his fans and that of Mwizukanji.

Chile One MrZambia has been pitted against Yo Maps by social media which led to Mr. Romantic losing numerous Kwacha Music Awards trophies to him few months ago. However, Chile One Seems to be taking his engulfment into Yo Maps‘ drama to a whole another level by going for his Baby mama Mwizukanji.


Many of his Chile One‘s fans seem excited with his love pursuit although people like Cartoonist Zakado feel such antics are not necessary but he rather should focus on making good music.