Bobby East Slams Alpha Romeo, Claims He owes Him For His Career


HipHop artiste and XYZ Entertainment CEO “Bobby East” today dropped a Twitter Bomb aimed at K-Amy rapperAlpha Romeo“. In his Tweet, Bobby East directly attacks Alpha Romeo for discrediting his song “Psycho Bae” which was nominated for Kwacha Music Awards in the HipHop Category.

Few weeks ago, “Alpha Romeo” made a comment in which he addressed Kwacha Music Awards and their continued ignorance about songs placed in their award categories. Alpha Romeo further made reference to “Psycho Bae” by “Bobby East which was nominated for Best HipHop song which the rapper claimed doesn’t qualify to be in the category.

However, it seems this comment by Alpha Romeo didn’t Sit well with Bobby East who has decided to retaliate. The Pyscho Bae hitmaker claims even when Alpha Romeo’s comment could be true, he is the least person who can make such a comment considering he owns much of the success of his career to him.

Apparently, Bobby East played a role in Alpha Romeo‘s music career during his come up. In a song called “ICOBG” (It Can Only Be God) by J.O.B (Download Here), the rapper narrates how him (J.O.B) and Bobby East gave a record deal to then upcoming rapper “Alpha Romeo“.