Davies Chirwa Honored as International Media Icon at ‘2024 I AM Awards’



Los Angeles, CA – In a dazzling event held at the historic Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Washington-based media mogul Davies Chirwa was honored during the prestigious 2024 I AM Awards. Known for his extraordinary contributions to the media industry, Chirwa, a multi-award-winning global ambassador for human empowerment, was celebrated as an International Media Icon.

Chirwa, the founder of Channel A TV and DC Productions Media Group, has made a significant impact as a media expert, influencer, and visionary serial entrepreneur. His career, marked by innovative storytelling and digital media prowess, was recognized on this grand stage, drawing applause from industry leaders, celebrities, and fans worldwide.

In his heartfelt acceptance speech, Chirwa emphasized the importance of digital storytelling in an era dominated by cutting-edge technology and social media. “We live in a time where our stories can reach every corner of the globe with just a click. Digital storytelling is not just a trend; it’s a powerful tool to inspire, educate, and connect people,” he remarked. Chirwa expressed his gratitude to his family, followers, and supporters from all over the world for their unwavering encouragement and engagement across various online platforms. He also extended his thanks to the IAM Awards for spotlighting his extensive career and media excellence on a global stage.


The evening was not just about accolades but also about future endeavors. Chirwa announced his plans to launch a satellite media outlet as a subsidiary of Channel A TV, which he founded in 2011. This new venture aims to create opportunities for young aspiring media students in Zambia and other African countries. “It’s essential to invest in the next generation of media professionals. By providing them with the resources and platforms they need, we can nurture talent that will tell Africa’s stories to the world,” Chirwa stated.

On the red carpet, Chirwa was interviewed by various media outlets, where he encouraged the youth to pursue media masterclasses and find mentors to gain hands-on experience in the media industry. “Education and mentorship are key to success in this industry. Learning from experienced professionals provides invaluable insights and skills that can shape your career,” he advised.


The star-studded event, hosted by a special invited Hollywood celebrity along with Chris “Cali Boi” Reese, A/R Executive from Universal Music Group, and Michael Robinson aka BmikeRob of BmikeRob Entertainment, featured noteworthy live performances. Musical legend Jon B. and dynamic Las Vegas artist “LITREEEZY” delivered unforgettable performances, alongside a select number of independent artists from around the world, adding to the evening’s glamour and excitement.

Chirwa‘s recognition at the I AM Awards coincided with the BET Awards weekend, a significant period during which his company covered official BET festivities. This honor not only underscores Chirwa‘s influence and contributions to the media landscape but also highlights his ongoing efforts to empower and inspire the next generation of media professionals.

As Davies Chirwa continues to break new ground in the media industry, his dedication to storytelling and empowerment remains a beacon of inspiration for many. His latest accolades at the I AM Awards serve as a testament to his enduring impact and vision for a more connected and informed world.