Dizmo Complains About KMP Deal & Says He Is The Future Of Zed Hip Hop


One of Zambia’s most promising rappers, regarded by some as the leader of the new wave as far as Zambian Hip Hop is concerned, Dizmo, has not shied away from accepting this title given to him by some hip hop heads.

Speaking when he featured on Sunday’s edition of On The Table monitored by Zed Hype Mag, Dizmo shocked the host, Chimweka, when he proudly admitted that he “100% agrees with assertions that he is the future of Zambian Hip Hop” without any modesty in his response. Dizmo defended his lack of modesty by explaining that he is confident in himself as a rapper and his ability to stay true to Hip Hop, something that his peers in genre haven’t managed to do.

The rapper also known as ‘Ba Nona Chongo’ or ‘Kamufana Kandalama’ has become one of the artists to distance himself from being a part of Kalandanya Music Promotions (KMP) despite the label officially welcoming them on their social media platforms. According to Dizmo, he was one of the artists that KMP promised a contract to after the elections, but this was not actualized, prompting him to continue his agreement with Jae Cash’s Apa Ili So Entertainment. Similarly, Jae Cash who recently released his album ‘Chawama: John Howard’ did not release it under KMP, further raising questions about his relationship with the record label.

Dizmo also talked about being in contact with the young boy who made rounds on viral video commonly remembered for the line ‘vocal ibagwesa’ where he was rapping for a group of people and claiming to be going by the name ‘Dizmo’. After further conversations the boy revealed that his real stage name is ‘Baby D’.

Watch the interview here:


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