Mp7 |Biography & Profile



Born Reddyson Peter Mbewe in Lusaka’s Chawama clinc in the year 1992, Mp7 is the first born in the family of two. After the death of his father in the year 1996, he started living with the Elder brother to his dad in Chipata, Eastern Province.

His passion for music started from a tender age, “I was introduced to Sunday school at a very young age,” narrates the rapper.
During that time, we could sing a lot of songs. It was during those days that I begun to realise that there’s a gift in me,” he continues.

His musical career started when he was in grade 10 back in 2007. In high school, Mr 7 met a colleague to introduced him to rap.
My friend taught me how to write in rhymes…“, he says.
In the same year, he and his friend released their first ever record called ‘‘Sinifuna”.

The song was well received among his friends in high school. “We performed the song during the school’s ‘Talent Show’ event, and the response was encouraging.”

It were those encouragements that kept Mp7 going, as he released his second song, another collaborative effort with a singer called Sky Prince. “The song was called ‘Nikukonda‘. It was well received by many who listened to it, though it was never pushed for any radio airplay”, he says.

After some years away from the mike, Mp7 entered the studio a third time in the year 2013, this time in Solwezi when he was in his first year in college. The song, ‘Don’t Worry’ was produced at Touch Mics Studios. And though it never received any radio airplay, it was well received among his fellow students, who encouraged him to continue.

In the year 2014, he released his fourth song of his career called “Njira“. The song was produced by Slam Sage under Shiloh Records.
In the year 2016, Mp7 released two songs that would be the breakout songs in the Solwezi music industry. The first one was called “Chief of Sinners“, a gospel track which featured the songbird Joyce Changwe. The song gave Mp7 his first ever radio airplay as it was frequently played on New G Fm.

Later, he released another song called Konza Kapansi. The song was a success on the radio as it made on the New G FM top ten countdown. It went as far as number five, and was at that time, the only song from a Solwezi based artist to be on the chart. This achievement earned Mp7 his first ever radio interview.

Having achieved that, Mp7 continued his musical journey in the year 2017. His first single was called  Freestyle Yabakulu, a hip hop collaboration with Skunky, a Kaonde rapper. The song was received with mush critical acclaim among many hop hop heads. This gave Mp7 the urge to drop his second single for the year 2017. The song was called Higher Ground (Nili Pa Mwamba), another collaboration with Skunky. Like the previous song, this song was well received, and it played on New G Fm often times.

The year 2018 was the biggest in Mp7‘s music career. His first single was a hip hop collaboration with a young rapper called Tracx. The song, which is called Tales Of The Lovers was released on 24th March, 2018 under Nation Music Studios. This song was well received by many music lovers. The song became first locally produced song to hit more than 1000 downloads on the then newly established music blog, classic promos. It also received massive airplay on stations such as Beats FM and Solwezi Radio.

The success of Tales of the Lovers earned Mp7 his first record deal with Nation Music as an artist signed to the label.

Under Nation Music, Mp7 released a number of hit songs that include Dance With You and Under Rated. Dance with You became his most successful song as it was nominated for Best Song of the Year on Solwezi Music Xpress, an official countdown of local songs in Solwezi.

Other songs for the year 2018 include Put on Me (With Tracx and Soyi) and Mama.

 Currently, Mp7 is working on his first Mixtape called Pregnant Thoughts. According to the rapper, the mixtape is going to encompass ten songs which shall be locally produced. The mixtape would drop in February

The first single for the year 2019 coming from the mixtape has been released already. The song is called R.A.G.E, an abbreviation for Realest. Awesome. Gigantic. Emcee.

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