Brawen, Daev & Mr Starsh Finally Sign with XYZ- Paper work Done.


XYZ Entertainments today officially Signed 2 artists and a Producer. The signed artists are Brawen (Rapper) and Daev (Singer) as well as Mr. Starsh (Producer). The Process which took almost 3 months for the office of Bobby East and H-mac to Complete has finally been officially sealed.

Brawen Signing the Contract

Brawen was announced as the New XYZ signee after the heavily publicized auditions conducted by the label while Daev was held as a surprise announcement. The other music act who has come as a big Surprise member of XYZ is Young Super producer Mr. Starsh.

Daev Signing the Contract

The signing ceremony was conducted and witnessed by Manager H-Mac and CEO Bobby East. Congrats to the trio for signing with one of the Hottest Record label and Clique.

Mr. Starsh Signing the Contract