Artist Yhung Chriseh Talks “Re Introduction”EP



Fast rising music artiste Yhung Chriseh sits down with ZedHypeMag’s staffer Dennis Mwewa for this exclusive interview.

Dennis: Greetings Mr Yhung.

Yhung Chriseh:Greetings Dennis

Dennis:Going straight with the questions,I am aware that you will be dropping your Ep themed “Re Introduction “ So Why did you chose to name your EP “Re Introduction

Yhung Chriseh:   why I chose the name “re introduction “as the ep’s name , you know in life in one way or another you will find yourself in a situation where you need to introduce that’s me with the re introduction and introducing myself to the music industry as in yhung chriseh in a cemented way. the re introduction ep is a body of work were am re introducing the real version or let me say best version of yhung chriseh Mr cb ,

Dennis: What should your fans expect on your yet to be released EP.

Yhung Chriseh :so on the re introduction ep am expressing myself in so many different ways .am talking about love , trust , loyalty , betrayal and critism .

Dennis:How would describe your experience making the “Re introduction “

Yhung Chriseh:  making the re introduction ep has been the most exciting and difficult moment of my life .it’s been the most exciting because music is one of the things I enjoy doing the most in my life , I have been loving music since I was young I remember I would get some sticks make sounds on the table while rapping to that same sound so I guess music has just been part of me since I was a little kid.. I think tinabadwa ti flowa ..


Dennis:your most Personal  songs in the Ep and why

Yhung Chriseh:   the re introduction ep mostly talks about my life , things I have gone through while growing up . my most personal tracks are track no:3 “Kenneth kaunda” were am talking about feeling like Kenneth kaunda , we all know who Kenneth kaunda is ,a fighter for the betterment of people’s lives and I feel like him in my own life “a fighter ” believing in myself no matter the circumstances . track :4 man in the mirror is my most personal song coz I wrote it when I was going through the most rough time of my life losing mum , dad being alive but never being there for me half of my entire life this made me feel so alone and the only person I had was myself “the man in the mirror .
track 10 “journey ” features zeck dizzy and Pliz Dee it’s some sort of a diary were we tell stories of ourselves , loved ones and lessons learnt …credits to DC pachi for being the head producer and making sure the content was brought to life I salute . the whole master piece features only local artists and was produced locally by the hands of Dc pachi , angel beats , bento and Soundcrib.

Dennis:Your Shout Outs

Yhung Chriseh:  sharouts to DC pachi , Diego and everyone that contributed to the Ep ,

EP drops on 21st February 2022 and will be available on all streaming sites.