Musicians Join In the Sensitization of People Against Cholera


Artists have continued to play a role in sensitising people about cholera, through releasing songs and sharing preventive messages on social media.

The first to release songs were Drimz and General Kanene but now Chester, Bflow and the Chant it on empire, Rich Bizzy and Dubwi have joined in too.

Slap dee launched an online movement called the Zonke where he is encouraging people to be hopeful that all will be fine, Cleo also in a post on Facebook encouraged everyone to be hygienic, these among others.

Chester’s song is called Tu Ichingilile translated as lets protect ourselves, Rich Bizzy’s song is titled Cholera it is appealing to every Zambian to be hygienic.

Everyday more artists are coming on board to share their voice and play a role in the prevention of the epidemic.

You Can download all the songs from our blog….


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