Why Macky 2 Should be Applauded For “Bombafye”


HipHop artiste and Alpha Entertainments CEO “Macky 2” released his much anticipated 2019 ‘Hardwork inspired’ soundtrack few weeks ago called “Bombafye”. The song which features 43 artistes might not have been appreciated by many as most people were expecting the “All Star” track to be wrapped and delivered like his 2011 project “Umupondo. Nonetheless, the effort and the creativity enforced on this 7 mins project cannot be ignored!

Few days ago, American HipHop artiste “Lil Dicky” premiered his climate change awareness song “Earth” featuring over 30 artistes and the Video has grossed over 40Million Views in 6 days. The execution of Lil Dicky’s song is no different from Macky 2’s as they all infuse short lyrics and vocals by various featured artistes. In fact both songs are also meant to raise awareness.

While it took “Lil Dicky” more than 3 years to compose and release the project, Bombafye probably took Macky 2 a month or even less. Despite featuring too many artistes, the message and the execution of “Bombafye” is on point. The song maintains the same tune but each artiste delivers their Vocals in their own unique style which is quite impressive.

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