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Meet Elisha Mwanza ,a vibrant youth who at a young age is determined to accomplish a massive amount of successive triumphs, however his journey is not without deterring obstacles, his determination to seek strength from GOD and keep going is what sets him apart from his peers and other youths.

from A Quasi council councilor for Kimasala ward Solwezi,North-Western  , to a radical businessman (present day).
Elisha dares to be different, spends his time unlike his youthful peers , seeking Opportunities and ensuring exploits where they are found.
From Highschool at the age of 17, Chosen Press Club president & Debating Vice president for his school, certified best presenter for Solwezi By The district education board sec (DEBS) and represented Solwezi in public speaking and presentation competitions for the years 2017-2019 while still in secondary school, this is the time he also served as Junior councilor for Kimasala ward (Quasi council)(civic center).
Despite completing his secondary school with 6 distinctions, his emergence wasn’t an exception in facing financial challenges regards tertiary education entry,
A week after the last grade 12 paper, he was offered a part time internship at a local radio station (beats fm) , working the drive time show with DJ Kateka and the Sunday youth show with Daniel Gwen and Dickson Shabusale from 2019/12 – 2020/4.
He joined Youth alliance for development that linked him to Africa Directions.
He later teamed up with a group of peers to do a waste pollution survey for the Solwezi municipal council, after which they were paid a sufficient amount of money to start an NGO (Youth quake Zambia), however because of unforeseen circumstances, the NGO’s projections didn’t come to fruition.
Left with no hope And completely dry pockets

Civic center pullution survey

In the first year after highschool completion,
He was so so broke he had to sell his small android phone for 250 or so but the client only gave him K170 and insisted he’d give him the balance K70 later.
He took the K170 and noticed a kantemba he’d rent in his hood, the then landlord charged him K50 monthly but told him to work from there for free in the first month.
So he personally went to remove the weed around the shop(it was rainseason).
And then he bought a wire for the kasido window and took some planks from his bed to use as shelves In the shop (his parents didn’t know he did so) .
He didn’t even have products to put on those shelves but he had faith he would one day.
So the following week he had a K120 remaining, he ordered jiggies , lollipops and biscuits and started selling.
He had ups and downs but by the Grace of GOD, 6 months later , the K120 business turned into a K3000 business (Kasido).
This is where he learnt most of what he knows about business.
Zechariah 4:10 NLT
Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.
Another 6 months later (2021 Feb) GOD answered his prayers and gave him a bigger Opportunity .
Full school sponsorship by Kansanshi which he is currently attending.

Attending Class

He’s eager to let others know that the journey started a long time ago, and now he gives GOD all the the glory for what he has done for him till this to this day.

Debate victory G12 , Anti corruption commission 2018.

He’s diversified to graphic designing, a skill that has allowed him to launch his t-shirt brand after writing his first book.
He’s currently in talks with sponsors , to patent a land pollution reduction brick.

And now Opening his first Botique in town.
He loves to affirm, “You can only understand the Hustle if you understand the Journey”.
He thanks GOD for all this.
Committed to delivering High quality lady’s and men’s Shoes and Clothes at affordable prices,
Elisha Mwanza Originals (EMO).
Opens on the 29th of January 2024.
The spirit he possesses is one of persistence, consistency and ternacity.
From this foundation, to crown it all, Elisha Mwanza is a force to reckon with on the rise.
In the Business environment, environmental protection and pollution reduction, prevention and public speaking.
He’s the new seed sprouting.
He’s a youth of substance, aimed at making youthful useful.