Oya Mpu Creators Talk 408 Empire & Their ‘Katundu Very Nice Song’ Banned By ZAM



The artists behind the viral and most likely song of the year “Mpu mpu” , Dope Boys have disclosed that they don’t plan on collaborating with the 408 Empire crew who they’ve highly been compared to any time soon. Oya Mpu as been well received by Zambians due to its different type of dances Overshadowing HipHop songs by mainstream artists.

They said this when the featured on Diamond TV’s On The Table program with Chimweka Chileshe on Sunday, where they also said they feel people only compare them because they’re the only young people to get that kind of recognition and people familiarize their sounds because it’s a Kopala sound.

When asked them about their song which was banned by the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) dubbed “Katundu Very Nice” based on the happenings in a video that went viral showing man who brags of taking advantage of a woman who was unconscious after being intoxicated with alcohol. ZAM urged all media platforms and sites to not give airplay or space to the artistes, but according to them they did that song to create awareness of the situation.

In the interview where they also mentioned that their lives have changed since the success of the song, the duo also told Chimweka that they have an album out soon and people should expect a video from them for the “Mpu Mpu” song.

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