Slapdee refuses To apologize amid Social Media Drama with a Fan


HipHop artiste “Slapdee” recently got caught up in social media backlash when a fan revealed their encounter. According to the fan who brought the issue to people’s attention on Twitter, Slapdee couldn’t holla back when he shouted his name after bumping into him.

The two met at East Park Mall (In Lusaka) and apparently Slapdee only managed to nod his head after being greeted. This has in turn triggered social media backlash with many calling King DizzoCheeky and Arrogant”. What has stirred so much backlash is actually Slapdee’s response on Twitter who acknowledged the encounter and even bragged he (the fan) was lucky to have even received a nod.

However, Slapdee has insisted he will not apologize as he meant every word and the Emoji included in the ‘tweet reply”.