Yo Maps Hit 1 Million “So Chabe”



Its  evident enough to say Kabwe raised superstar Yo Maps is here to rewrite history,turning everythung he touches gold and geared nuff to leave a legacy of his own as he becomes one of the first Zambian artiste to Hit 1 million viewers with at least  more than two different singles on American online video-sharing platform and Worlds top video streaming website Youtube.

Yo Maps together ith Roberto superstar have become the first Zambian artistes raising the bar of having atleast more than two videos uploaded on Youtube Exceeding 1 Million viewers while other Zambian artiste only hit wonder once on Youtube. Talented artiste Yo maps has latest hit 1 Million views with his song “So Chabe” that as released on 28th September Last Year. Other songs by Yo Maps with  more than 1 Million streams include “Refresh” & “ I Am Sorry“.

Superstar Roberto on the other end is still holding on the title with 4 music videos sparkling with 1+Million views ,songs include “Fyonse” , “Ama Rula” , “African Woman ” Both Original song and remix.

With the gradual transition to digitalization ,and artistes profiting from streams it’s becoming important to have a lot of views with artistes asking fans to subscribe to their YouTube channels.
A monetized YouTube channel gets for 1 million views — between $2,000 and $40,000 (4 creators)
Some of the notable Zambian artistes with over a million views include
Roberto ,Rich BizzyAfunika,Chanda na Kay, B1 ,  Drimz Bashi Lota ,Jay Rox ,Yo Maps , Mampi,Dave (RIP), SLAP DEE and
Macky 2 , with Kay Figo holding the record for the most views as her song “
Kanyelele ” got 9.5+ million views..