Chef 187 Blasts Off a Show Organizer Who Owes Him Money


HipHop artiste “Chef 187 yesterday didn’t go easy on a named Music Promoter (Event Organizer) identified by his username “Mr Black Promoter” on Twitter. The rapper who was listed among other artistes Mr Black Promoter owes money thought it was unethical for him to bring out the issue public.

Mr Black Promoter was responding to a Tweet by Singer “T-Low” who raised concern about less pay by Event Organizers because they invite too many artistes at shows. Mr Black Promoter who agreed with T-Low’s concern however justified himself as being ‘Ambitious’. This didn’t sit well with the Numero Uno who decided to lash out at him.

Chef 187 further advised the Show Organizer to pick someone that goes with his Shallow Pocket.



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