Mr freedom the Elephant |Biography


Njobvu Glad is a talented music Rapper popularly know as Mr freedom the Elephant (owner of the jungle). Freedom the Elephant started music with the influence of his late untie Lily T in 2007, but he was not Interested in music because he was in love of acrobatics. His late Auntie “Lily T” saw potential in him as a Musician. In 2008 he was convinced and they made a deal to do a song in December 2009 unfortunately Lily T died in September 2009.

In 2009 at the age of 10 Freedom the elephant recorded his first song the same year in September. From there he did a number of songs with DJ super seed. His parents never supported his music and hence he had to go through some challenges. The challenges included song writing and financial support but he managed to arrange some studio recording time. Freedom‘s was born in a village and raised there where he did his primary and secondary education.

His life was somehow challenging because he is the first born of the family. That’s the reason most of his music is based on real life situations because of what he passed through. Freedom the Elephant was born on 20 January 1999. Started school in 2004 at Mwavi Primary School and he completed in 2015 at Mwavi Secondary School. He studied Teaching at Kitwe college of education and he completed in 2019. He own a record label TELEPHANT MUSIC.