King Dizo Marks three continuous years as Radio 2 Top Ten count Down Song of the year Champion


By now we have all heard about the XYZ main stream popularly known as Slap Dee. His name has recently been almost in every media story due to his hard work and commitment to the music industry . A number of us have witnessed his success and congratulated him with some much love.

As if that’s not enough, Slap Dee has added on another award to his collection for being the man behind the Radio 2 top ten count down song of the year award. Now thats not the only exiting part of the news ,it gets more when we discover that,this is the third time in a roll that Slap Dee is doing this which just makes him the best if not one of them.

Some how we can say that him leaving the C.E.O chair to Bobby East, has made him to concentrate on his talent has an artist who has made a big name, if his previous and current media headlines he has been making can serve us right. We hope this will make other artist to see the benefits of hard work.

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