Petersen Zagaze Salutes ‘Kwacha Music Awards’ Transparency


In the wake of some complaints by some Musicians about this year’s Kwacha Music awards, Veteran Dancehall artiste and producer ‘Petersen Zagaze’ has stuck out for the Awards. Petersen Zagaze who posted his thoughts on Facebook says he has never seen Awards that are as transparent as ‘Kwacha Music Awards’.

He emphasized the nominations are solely done by Radio Stations across the country. Zagaman also encouraged artists to be submitting their music to radio stations that are in all parts of the country unlike focusing only on Lusaka, Coppebelt and other urban areas.

All nominations (apart from those on provincial level) are determined by all radio stations across nation. So if you had a hot song on Lusaka and Copperbelt stations, ask yourself if Radio Chikaya, Chooma Manu, Liseli, luswepo etc also had that hit and considered your song hot..” reads part of his post.

Petersen Zagaze has been nominated in this year‘s Kwacha Music Awards in the category for ‘Best Humanitarian’.