Bobby East Charts Local Rhythm Countdown For a Month



XYZ CEO and rapper Robert Chunga aka Bobby East is currently charting ZNBC‘s “Local Rhythm Countdown” with His New Single “Psycho Bae“. The rapper has been on Number 1 of the Biggest Countdown show in the country for 4 consecutive weeks.

The Top 10 of the Local Rhythm Countdown headed by Bobby East’s “Psycho Bae” is followed by Pompi’s Silence and then Nalelo Bwankonko by Macky 2 on Number 2 and 3 respectively. Below is the Top 10 list For Local Rhythm Countdown as of this week!

1. Bobby East- Psycho bae
2. Pompi -silence
3. Macky 2-Nalelo Bwankoko
4. Andrew ripper ft T-sean and Tbwoy cherie
5. Yellow dove ft Carol -mposheni
6. Massy ft Chilu -Reasons
7. Willz -umoyo wa willy
8. Shimasta -teyabana
9. Wiggy man ft Izrael and Milz -i will give yo love
10. Jae Cash -Giovani