Maiko Zulu’s Daughter Remembers Days of Her father In Jail



UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema was released on Monday and many have sympathised with how his family ( and children in particular) must have felt about his incarceration, but one person who can somehow relate is Mwiza Somanje Zulu.

The 17 year old daughter of musician couple Maiko Zulu and Sista D appeared on Diamond TV’s program, On The Table with Chimweka Chileshe, where she opened up about how she felt when her father was imprisoned in the early months of 2009 for trafficking in five balls of cannabis weighing 17 grammes.

She acknowledged that even though she was young at the time, her mother explained the whole situation to her, a situation that she described as heartbreaking. She also remembers being happy to see him happy when she would occasionally visit him in jail.

For more details watch this interview below….