“Am ready for what ever, who ever and where ever” Says Umusepela Chile. During an express interview


One of Private label death raw artist, popularly known as Umusepela Chile has been showing signs of musical fire and anger through his recent statements on his social media accounts. So we decided to have an express interview with him and here is how it was:

Question : How do you view yourself ?

Ans : I am a lyrical monster which stamps on any thing that tries to get into its musical ground. I am here to create a new sound which has been missing since the time music reached Zambia, in the rap circles.”

Question : What about those who started music before you ?

Ans : The only thing i can give to those who started earlier than me is respect and it can only be delivered on one condition which is : They should respect me also if not first.  I have a mind of a 90 year old, though i seem young, i guess am complicated in a good way because i have the wisdom which our industry lacks.  So if i have the right thoughts then i don’t see a reason why i shouldn’t be the greatest. ”

Question : Do you have any one who you feel you cant lyrically disrespect ?

Ans : I am always about truth not respect,  i see respect as a sub to truth so i would rather go for the main thing which is truth, because am the main man. In short what am saying is i don’t have any extra attached feelings for any Zambian rapper, apart from equal love for all. Am ready for what ever , who ever and where ever, am a lyrical monster remember. that means i show no lyrical mercy to  competition.

Question : Can you go against Umusepela crown ?

Ans: That’s another version of me. So i cant dis myself. am sure you understand what i mean.

Umusepela Chile is really coming with fire and he sounds ready for the industry. Tell us your thoughts . Do you think he can survive the entertainment industry government?






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