Watch: Mic Burner Talks About Slapdee Begging For A Feature From Him & Talks About Low Turnout of Musicians At DJ Links’ Funeral.



Crystal Ball Entertainment artist, Mic Burner has become one of the only Zambian artists to speak out on the social media uproar against musicians not turning up in good numbers for DJ Links‘ funeral recently, a veteran DJ who worked hard to promote Zambian music and was put to rest last week.

The “Thought of You ” hitmaker featured on Diamond TV’s On The Table with Chimweka where he expressed how attending the funeral was needed, but was not a must putting into consideration how people show their last respects in various ways which may be private. Mic Burner, by the way, was one of the few artists who actually attended the burial, along with DJ Cosmo and other musicians like Chris Bryan.

The Dancehall/Afro-Pop rapper also known as “Mr. Nice To Meet Ya” who currently has a song and video with Slapdee titled “Moment” off his Kwacha Music Awards nominated EP titled “In Check“, explained how the XYZ founder ended up being on the song. Slapdee on social media once admitted how he begged Mic Burner to be on the “Moment” song and the song owner elaborated to Chimweka how it happened.

According to “Mr. Nice To Meet Ya” , Slapdee initially went to record a verse for another song, the remix to “Kenneth Kaunda” from Mic Burner’s “In Check” EP. While going through other projects, Slapdee spotted the incomplete “Moment” song and asked Mic Burner if he could jump on it, a suggestion that was not turned down. Slapdee then gave a verse that Mic Burner described as one of his best ever.

Mic Burner also spoke on why his partnership with Transblasts came to end despite the global musical push that they started with. Watch the full interview below: