10 Rappers Breaking Through This Year! (Part 2)


We continue to spotlight the New school cats who are Currently Killing the Mic.

  1. The F.A.K.E

The F.A.KE is a new school HipHop duo who have won credit from Many Zambian HipHop fans. Their Audios and Videos have closer to half a Million Hits on the Internet. The duo comprises JJ The Lyricist and C-Jay Prime and their hard work has earned them a record deal with Jay Rox’s Headphones Music.

Among their many Hits Include Drippin, Finnessin, Shetta Calls etc. The Fake is arguably the First HipHop Duo to have ever broken the Internet.

  1. HD Empire

HD Empire is a Copperbelt based Duo delivering Hardcore rap mostly in Bemba. The duo comprises rappers Slim Cheys and Chris who together have caught the attention of many HipHop head with their Unique Aggressive rap style. Their recent songs include Tatwangala Iyo, Self Contained , Give us (with Dalisoul) and Ku Ghetto have rescived a postive response from liseners

The duo’s Hardwork has earned them a Nomination in the Forthcoming Kwacha Music Awards for Bes Duo/Group

  1. E-Jay (aka One man Army)

E-Jay is a HipHop artiste whose Creativity has earned his Credit from HipHop fans. His recent project titled “Zed Rap High School” broke the internet and his ability to paint a Rap scenario with his lyrics has made him one of the most talked about this. Zed Rap High school was labeled “The Most Creative Zambian Rap Song This Year so far” by ZHM.




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