The Internet Slams Dj Showstar For Asking Macky 2 a Personal Question



Macky 2 was recently featured on Dj Showstar’s Hi-5 Show Interview for QTV which  went Viral on Social Media as Macky 2 was recorded walking out during the Interview after he was asked a Personal Question.

The award Winning Media Personality asked Macky 2 a number of Questions in regard to the speculations about him which trended on social media few weeks ago. He managed clarify some Issues from the Iris Kaingu rumor to the 18 Side chicks speculations. However when he was asked about his wife (Haantinga) being pregnant for Muzo aka Alphonso as speculated by some Named Online publications, the rapper become Furious and Walked out of the Interview.  According to Macky 2, Dj Showstar was being disrespectful by asking him that question.

Many People and fans on social media have also expressed their displeasure with Dj Showstar and are calling him un-professional.

You’re very Childish and have some Serious growing up to do. Learn to be Professional, even just laughing when someone was clearly uncomfortable and upset. Too much Mediocrity pa Zed.” Reads on Comment on Dj Showstar’s Fanpage.

Very Unprofessional stupid Dj, how do you ask such a stupid question on air? You don’t deserve to be at QTV, Go back to Grade Nine..” (Edited). Another fan commented.

It was a stupid question, how can you ask that F**ked up question. You’re an Idiot okay. Should learn how to differentiate things. Infact Buga Inkali Kupononafye..” Another one wrote.

The interview has since become the topic of Discussion on social media. There are however a number of people who feel Dj Showstar wasn’t wrong and Macky 2 should have answered the Question instead of being furious.