Bobby East Unveils Forthcoming Album Title


HipHop recording artiste and XYZ Entertainments CEO “Bobby East” today took it to social media and dropped a bombshell about this forthcoming project. The Hatemail hitmaker has actually revealed the project is an “LP” and not a Mixtape as earlier hinted.

According to his Facebook post, the album will be called “Daywalker Vs Rob“. From the album title, its certain to assume it will be a mixture of HipHop and RnB as it seemingly will explore both his alter egos. The project will be his third studio album and a follow up to “Vanilla” which dropped last year.

Both his previous albums B. East and Vanilla were critically acclaimed and won album of the year at Zambian Music Awards and Kwacha Music Awards respectively. The tracklist and release date for “Daywalker Vs Rob” remain undisclosed for now but it seems the project will see day of light sooner than later.