Macky 2 Addresses 18 Sidechicks, Iris Kaingu, Muzo Rumours


Mulaza Mark Kaira popularly Known as Macky 2 featured on the latest episode of Hi-5 Hosted by Dj Showstar on QTV. During the Interview, the Alpha Entertainment and Kopala Swag Front man was asked several Question regarding the rumors which speculated on social media few Weeks ago.

When asked if it’s true He is dating Iris Kaingu, Macky 2 denied the claims and said him and Iris are just good friends and have been friends for some years now. This was after pictures of him and Iris circulated on social media some weeks ago and claims of him cheating on his wife made treads on Facebook.

He further said that he and his wife have been happily married and most negative rumors about him are just spread by people who want to bring him down. He also Denied dating 18 side chicks as alleged by named online publications.

Macky 2 however cut the interview short and walked out when asked if his wife was truly pregnant for Muzo aka Alphonso. The rapper said that Dj Showstar was being disrespectful by asking that Question. Watch Interview clip below.