Hip Hop is a game vengeance and Hip hop feuds have shaped the genre since its inception. Few months ago, Another game changing Beef had risen Between Kasama’s finest (Muzo aka Alphono) and Mwana Wa Nyirenda (Tiye-P) and many Hip hop Heads were excited about this. But before this could get fully ignited, Muzo decided to throw this in a deep freezer by Ignoring the Jabs Tiye-P pierced.

What began through subliminal became an open fight after Tiye-P released a full Hip Hip diss song aimed at Muzo. The song was dubbed Either Obituary and had Tiye-P rapping on Nas’s Ether beat which was also a Diss record targeting Jay-Z back in the day when the two Emcees and Hip Hop icons battled for the throne Big Smalls had left on the East coast.

It all started when Tiye-P released His second last single “2015 Wrap up” in which he took a number of shots. Muzo who received this with mixed feelings redeemed himself with subliminal lines on “Karen Alishiba Ati Amano Yakwe Ati Yepi.”

Mwana Wa Nyirenda went straight for Muzo’s throat on Ether (The Obituary), spitting direct Punchlines and unleashing the beast in him fiercely. He declared on the song “Musonda alipwa apa (Muzo is Finished). But who finished Muzo?? Was is the expired contract at Alpha?? Ether doesn’t focus on Muzo alone, instead there are other personal issues Tiye-P unveiled on the record.

On the last verse of the song, Tiye-P raps;

“Ndimwaume Shibwelela kumalushi//Wimwenesha Kasama kwati nikumushi//
Fula Headsock surrender Mumishishi//Am from a different town mpelako umuchinchi//
We Humans but am a different creature/ Muzo walaba apa pene walombele feauture?”

2016 is almost coming to an end and still Muzo has not retaliated, Is he conceding defeat? The rapper who Slapdee claimed to have resurrected on Somone song has had a hard time trying to prove his relevance in the game ever since his departure from Alpha Entertainments/ Kopala Swag. Muzo is arguably one of the Finest Emcees Zambia has ever produced.

Hip Hop is a competitive genre, did Muzo just lose??