Could this be the End of XYZ? as Koby and H-Mac leave the Label..


Shocking News in the Entertainment circle hit social media the past 2 days as Dj H-Mac and rapper Koby left XYZ Entertainments in what is termed as unusual circumstances. The first to leave was DJ H-Mac who claimed everything good must come to an end and later who followed is rapper, singer and producer “Koby“.

Before he left, the longtime label’s artiste manager posted a picture on Facebook of him with various XYZ Artistes with a very suspicious caption. The proclaimed “Wizard” talked about Creedy, betrayal, dishonesty in his post which could be attributed to having infiltrated the label especially with him later having tendered his resignation. H-Mac has been the last beacon of the label especially with Slapdee, Bobby East and Mr. Starsh having left for Kalandanya Music Promotions. Could the swallowing up of the label’s top rated stars by KMP be the reason for “Mr. about to make you famous’s departure?“, one would wonder.

In less than 24hrs, KOBY also announced his departure from the label and this can only be termed as a serious scandal at the Label. The Founder Slapdee has promised to issue a statement later this week but its CEO Bobby East says he wont disclose the reasons for “Dj H-Mac‘s departure if the former manager decides not to do so.


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