No. ID to Perform at a HIV/AIDS Awareness Show


Music is meant to educate, inform and entertain. Well, an upcoming artist from Ndola called “NO ID Africa” seems to understand this notion in his early stages of his career. He’s set to campaign or rather promote awareness of Safe Sex to his would be audience for his Sunday scheduled show at Ndola’s well known Shisha Lounge called CURIOUS. When we tried to privately reach out to him and find out what his plans are, he said ” I’m trying in my own small way to raise awareness on safe sex and the dangers of unprotected sex.

As we know in a few days we’ll be commemorating world AIDS day, so I thought of using this opportunity to educate and inform people on how they can protect themselves from different Sexually Transmitted Diseases and that is HIV/AIDS inclusive. The high numbers of unplanned pregnancies are obviously another result of unprotected sex. So I see it fit that this important information should be disseminated at whatever time someone has a chance to, hence theming my show at Curious Shisha Lounge ‘Safe Sex Awareness Party‘. This is really a good start as some one gets ready to go far as he already shows responsibility which is key in making sure the society is a safe place for mankind. We can only wish him the best and encourage everyone around Ndola to make a date and support this talent with purpose from inception. Here’s some of the songs done by No ID Africa;