Coolzy F Shares Tracklist For “T.I.O.B” EP


Coolzy F has been silent on the Zambian music scene for roughly two years now. He has been working on this EP behind the scenes. With so much promise, the super gifted emerging rapper has unveiled the tracklist for his EP packaged with 8 tracks.

T.I.O.B – EP as a whole, represents great lyrical content, creativity, and it brings some new vibes to the Zed hip hop culture. All songs on the EP were written by Coolzy F. It features only two artists, Sweet Kay and Toxic Lombe on track number 4 and 6 respectively. The remaining six songs are all solo performances. T.I.O.B is home to songs like Bounce (Intro), Friends, Tabalanda, Waamba Inshi and DNA to mention a few.

Coolzy F shared the tracklist on his Facebook page with the following caption: “For the love of Hip-hop… Here is the official track-list for “T.I.O.B” EP. This will be an amazing package that ya’ll will enjoy!! Tell a Friend to tell a Friend that #TIOB is almost here…“.

Peep the complete tracklist on the cover below: