Camster Talks Switching Sides For Money on Tika Pika


Camster also famously known as Capital recently ditched Alpha Ent for XYZ management.Movement that raised issues and was followed up with subliminal lines between the 2 (Two) Camps concerning the same issue .
In “My Life” song that features singer “Jorzi” on the Hook with production laced by “Lord Aku”. Camster raps
Maybe I should never left Diamond Chains. Maybe I should have never joined Kopala Swag, my style changed so much, I Started sounding like Chef 187 rapping in English…

In relation to his movement choice Camster had this to say replying to people that didnt take it lightly that he his now under new management .,
They saw a nigger with H (H mac), they said am switching sides i told them money is the goal niq*er pick a side , i aint taking shots at my niq*er chef, He is my guy……….

One thing to be insinuated from this is that Camster switched management for money sake. Currently Camster is under management wings of H mac.


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