Chef 187 Claps Back At A Mean Tweet & Reacts To Kings Malembe’s Apology



In a case we’re most artiste just stare down at mean tweets attacking them, this does not seem to be the case with the People’s rapper Chef 187. Chef 187 is one artiste known for not taking mean tweets from haters likely so he from time to time clapbacks at them.

A named Tweeter user attacked Chef Saying “Just stop singing Ba 187,Trade Kings is looking for Security Guards” simply implying that Chef should give up his career and join the security guards . With No hesitation Lyrical sensei Chef responded.

The Incomparable Chef 187 also reacted to gospel artiste Kings Malembe Malembe ”s apology to Daddy and mommy. The rapper shared the apology video and humourously advised Kings Malembe Malembe to blink twice if at all he was being held at gun point, Simply insinuating that Kings apology might have been a forced one .