Slapdee Campaigns For 100K More YouTube Followers



like every Zambian artiste should be doing in maximizing their success on one of the most worldwide leading streaming sites which is Zambian HipHop mogul Slapdee earlier on launched a campaign aiming at gaining at least 100K more subscribers on YouTube for his yet to be released project which can only be concluded as a music video coming from either  his last dropped album “Mother Tongue” or something really new and fresh.

The artiste has engaged his management team plus more of  those affiliated to him in order to help him campaign for more subscribers and  help him reach his set goal of gaining more 100K YouTube subscribers.

With the gradual transition to digitalisation ,and artistes profiting from streams it’s becoming important to have a lot of views,for that reason  artistes have resulted to asking fans to subscribe to their YouTube channels.
A monetized YouTube channel gets for 1 million views — between $2,000 and $40,000 (4 creators)

Check out one of his visual release below & Subscribe To his  youtube channel .