ThrowBack Thursday: “The Genesis Album” by Teliq & Smaq



Released on 11 September, 2014 “The Genesis” is a collaborative FREE album by “Teliq” and “Smaq”. The project was released under M-Beats Generation Music with entire album production handled by Mzengaman. This 14 track album is arguably one of the Hottest HipHop albums to ever come out of Zambia.

Struck by both Controversy and Full packaged Lyricism, Teliq and Smaq brought Zed HipHop to a standstill at that time. The album only featured “Stevo” on track 12 “Lose Yourself” and a female Vocalist “San Jey”  also contributed her Vocals on ”King in the making” but she was not credited.

The Genesis album sounds off with “Intro” which is just “Smaq” and Teliq warming up as they exchange line for line on a Mzengaman beat. “Y’all nothing but a bunch of plastics/ smaq and Teliq we bring you a Bunch of Classics….. Smaq warns as he smashes the record alongside “Teliq”.

The follow up songs are “King in the making” by Teliq alone and then “Gehena” by both rappers. On King in the Making, Teliq pens downs and delivers some Motivation as declares he is heading for the Crown. Smaq returns alone with “Street Disciple” a song Inspired by Street Hustle and Struggle. “Olo Ma Hustler Vebali Pa katondo/ Bamaziba ni bine tikafikapo na Vovo, baziba lini kwetiachosa only God knows/ The first rapper pa Zed Kungwila 44… He raps

The Punchlines, Poetry, Sick Metaphors and Dope delivery continues throughout the project leaving HipHop heads Nod when they listen to this project. Some Notable heavy Jams on the project include, “Bashilika”, “Go Psycho” “Another Level” and “One”. Smaq dedicates a song for his City called “Lusaka” and claims the HipHop throne for the city on the same song.

Smaq and Teliq gave no rapper a chance to breathe as they decided to take straight shots on “Mambama” and “Focus” respectively. Teliq goes for “Krytic, Crisis, Eddie Black, Chef 187 on the last verse of “Mambama”. “Nileta heat yeimeltin’ga Copperbelt……Smaq goes straight for Kopala rappers as he name drops Muzo and Chef 187 on “Focus”.

Genesis Tracklist

The Genesis is definitely a masterpiece to reminisce on how far Zed HipHop has come and how interesting it was back then. The album does not just encompass full hip-hop elementary but provides learners with Perseverance and Hard work motivation. Download the entire project below;

  1. Intro DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. King In The Making DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Gehena DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Street Disciple DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. Bashilika (Soldier)  DOWNLOAD MP3
  6. Mambama DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. Go Psycho DOWNLOAD MP3
  8. Focus DOWNLOAD MP3
  10. Another Level DOWNLOAD MP3
  11. Lusaka DOWNLOAD MP3
  12. Lose Yourself (Ft StevoDOWNLOAD MP3