Top 10 Zambian HipHop/Rap Songs of 2021


HipHop is forever a competitive genre and 2021 was not exempted from that Competition. The year however will go down in history as the year Commercial rappers took the Back seat. The Genre was mostly dominated by underground rappers or at least ‘the Underdogs’. Zed Hype Mag presents ‘Top 10 Zambian HipHop/Rap songs of 2021’ enjoy;

  1. Dj Showstar ft Tim x Chef 187 Mwana Mfumu

This is definitely the most anticipated HipHop collaboration of our generation and the surprise was worth it. Both Emcees went bar for bar and brought debate among HipHop Heads. However, the question of ‘who killed the other’ will be left to the listeners.

  1. Umusepela Chile ft Jay RoxBlack Jesus

Despite being somehow quiet during the first 2 quarters of the year, Umusepela Chile came back to close the year on a Good note. The Headphone Music protégé featured his mentor “Jay Rox” on this conversation styled masterpiece. This song should actually be in national museum or the Archives.

  1. Stevo ft KrazyDreamer

Despite not releasing much music this year, Stevo made sure he leaves a mark this year in the rap game. Dreamer is a deep inspirational song and the hook by Krazy adds the much needed flavor to the song. The Rap Guru for sure knowns how to stay relevant.

  1. Cleo Ice Queen ft TioDreamers

The AFRIMA award winning rapper had a very successful year and we hope she drops an album next year. Dreamers by Cleo Ice Queen featuring Tio could not miss on this list as the Hustler’s anthem inspired everyone who listened to it. The melodies and the bars are all on point. Sonically, it’s the best Cleo Ice Queen song by far at the moment.

  1. Drifta Trek ft Jae Cash x Stevo x Medley Selako

When it comes to HipHop/Rap, Drifta Trek’s loyalty to the game remains unquestionable. The rapper brought social media debate with this tough collaboration. Other than the bars by all artistes, the Hook by Medley also earns this joint massive playbacks.

  1. Smaq ft DizmoHigh Voltage 2

Early this year, rapper Smaq took us back to the time of his hunger for a top spot with “High Voltage 2”. The song features Dizmo whose Punchlines and Wordplay are always jaw dropping. High Voltage 2 was a very memorable rap song for this year without any doubt.

  1. Jemax Teti Mbe Mbwa

Jemax had a very successful year musically especially after signing with “Nexus Music Entertainments”. Teti Mbe Mbwa saw the rapper elevate his HipHop stance despite having a dancehall banger.

  1. Dizmo ft Jae CashSaka Na Half

Dizmo has continued to be a very impressive rap artiste since his come up and rapper is slowly headed for the top spot in the rap game. Saka Na Half is one of those HipHop songs which will leave you marveled after listening to it. The rapper together with his mentor “Jae Cash” stayed on course with the Hustle topic and also delivered catchy and jaw dropping bars.

  1. B-Mak ft Camstar, KOBY, & Elisha LongUmoyo

B-Mak this year went back to rapping after announcing his retirement last year. The rapper who was on an Exodus from XYZ Entertainments together with his label-mates also had a good run this year. Umoyo saw the rapper fearlessly pinch holes into his former label bosses. Its obvious the Punchline rapper has so much in store for 2022.

  1. Natasha Chansa ft CjayThey Know

Dropped as a single off her debut EP “The Genesis”, this song is definitely vibe Trap/HipHop. It’s one of those songs which has been on massive playbacks this year.

Honorable Mention: My Diary 11 by KB ft Muzo aka Alphonso, Tiye-P, Dizmo, Frank Ro x Neo

The Veteran Producer seems won’t give up his Diary Sessions anytime soon. The song was also a talking point when it was released.