Iris Kaingu Goes Nude to Celebrate African Culture



Socialist and Celebrity Iris Kaingu is back trending on social media again after her nude pictures went viral. However, the artistic body-painted pictures of the Celeb have a different tag attached. According to Iris, the Pictures are meant to celebrate the Indigenous African culture where People used to be naked before Colonization.

Below is her Statement attached;

Historically, women in Africa walked around in the nude.. after colonization, western ideals were forced upon our people and the custom changed.  Nowadays, the female body is not as celebrated and women aren’t allowed to express themselves through clothing without ridicule.

To emphasize this. I have done a beautiful illustration of an African Princess. 3 things I would like to highlight.

  1. Society needs to understand that by our actions in body shaming others, we make people lose confidence in themselves. We need to be a society that builds each other up. We are all beautifully made.
  2. Contrary to what most believe, this is a part our culture and not the modernized dress in present day.
  3. Lastly, you are beautiful in your own skin. You are wonderfully made by God. You must be celebrated. if short shorts or tight little skirts are what make you feel beautiful you should express that. You have the freedom to!!! Go ahead celebrate what God blessed you with!