B-Flow Used To Snitch On P-Jay- Discloses P-Jay’s Sister



Controversy and Social media speculations have risen over P-Jay who died a few years ago. The basis of these speculations is the grave of the late Legendary RnB artiste “P-Jay” whose Tombstone isn’t well “built” up to date. This all resurfaced when a video of fans complaining at P-Jay’s grave went viral on social Media. B-Flow who was a close Friend to P-Jay publicly pledged to pay for the Construction of the Tombstone. However, this Public pledge was considered an Embarrassment by the deceased’s family who decided to strike back.

QTV’s Dj Showstar decided to sit down with P-Jay’s Sister (Bertha Cheengwa) and his brother (Ben “Da FutureCheengwa) in an interview to hear their side of the story. According to Bertha, despite B-Flow making that Public Pledge, the artiste wasn’t in good terms with his Friend (P-Jay) right before his death.

Information revealed is that, B-Flow Used to snitch on his friend and made him lose Music Gigs.  One account was when P-Jay lost a music performance deal because B-Flow decided to tell the Show organizers that P-Jay Was a perpetual Drunkard and wouldn’t deliver. Bertha also recalls how her mum would try to reconcile the duo but to No avail.

The Family however, is scheduled to construct a Concrete Tombstone at P-Jay’s Grave before In November before his Memorial. B-Flow and P-Jay have had long history together and also released their first Duet album called “Double Trouble”. After the Death of P-Jay, B-Flow released a dedication song (For P-Jay) which hit airwaves across the country.

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Watch this clip and see the the relationship B Flow & P-Jay had just before he died #Hi5 #ThisIsTV

Posted by Deejay Showstar on Thursday, October 19, 2017