Casspper Nyovest becomes first African rapper to own a private jet..


South African musician Cassper Nyovest has made in life” now says almost every musical fan after the confirmation that he now owns a private jet.

Cassper Nyovest has been termed as the first musician to ever do this in Africa. His influence has proved beyond measures such that the co-operate world has failed to resist but falling for it is the only option left for them. And one of the world’s biggest companies called Ciroc Vodka is one of those which has taken keen interest in this rapper called Cassper the great Nyovest by giving him the crown of brand ambassador.

Indeed he deserves more than this for his hits, which have put the world on fire for a number of times. e.g  Shebeleza, Mama i made it and Amapumakimi. Today he has broke a record because of his talent.