ThrowBack Thursday: G.O.S.P.E.L-The Mixtape by Tony Grammz


In 2013 this masterpiece by then 19 years old Christian Rapper Tony Dalitso Phiri (Tony Grammz) was released for free downloads on It’s a 23 track mixtape which only saw the Young Christian emcee address many issues from a Christian Perspective.

The Mixtape commences with a 1min 30sec intro entitled Quick Dash, apparently its Tony Grammz just warming up. Taken is a song dedicated to Christian Youths who are in romantic relationships and how they can date Godly. He talks about Child Molestation and life struggle/Hardships on a song called “Promise”.

Tony Grammz unleashes his charismatic Christian bars on an Interlude called I had to track no.3 on the tape Track no.9 on the mixtape is called History, a story about someone who grew up without his father.. On Made You Proud, he addresses divorce and how divorced parents can raise their Children perfectly without allowing their separation affect them.

God Over Porn” is basically a song about How people struggle with pornography.

Many great men struggle with this addiction but few admit it/ does that make me different?. He raps.

The rapper doesn’t just rap about porn but rather provides solutions.

Why cant we just let God use us/instead of letting porn abuse us.

The whole Mixtape encompasses real life issues such as imperfection, Worship, Poverty, Courtship, Alcohol addiction, Divorce, fornication and provides Comfort and Hope to everyone in the struggle. He skillfully provides Hip Hop fans with enough punchlines, Wordplay, Poetry, Metaphors etc which some secular rappers cannot even contain.

The project was hosted by Tha Jayman and it features the likes of, Destro, Chord 14, Blue Flame, Tasila Mwale, Tio, Magnifire, Kolly Dee, Mac, Romance Waddington, Sharade, Kwame Gyamfi, SnoDon, Tha Troff, Tio, Jesse, Zhillah. Production credit goes to his label So’ Good Entertainment which handled the entire project.
Below if the full track-list of the Mixtape and don’t forget to tell us which track was your favourite.

  1. Quick Dash Intro
  2. Telleka AKA Madam Gondwe’s Daughter
  3. Offering (ft Chord 14 & Destro)
  4. Slave Dome
  5. Words (ft Zhillah & Blue Flame)
  6. Taken
  7. Look Past Looks (ft Romance Waddignton)
  8. BRKN HVLO (ft Mac)
  9. History
  10. I had to (Interlude)
  11. Strapped Up ( ft Sharade & Kwame Gyamfi)
  12. The Game has Changed (Ft SnoDon)
  13. Saved by Grace (Ft Tasila Mwale)
  14. Topic of Conversation
  15. Warship
  16. God Over Porn
  17. Flower in the Concrete (ft Tha Troof)
  18. Mark Battles
  19. Made You proud
  20. The Promise (Ft Kolly Dee)
  21. Tefyo Tubomba (Ft Tio Magnifire, Jesse)
  22. Blueberry Cheesecake (ft Kolly Dee)
  23. Release Outro.