I Once Used my Daughter’s School Fees for Kantu’s Music Video, BW2 will be ready by February Next Year- Slapdee



King Dizzo made a special Feature on Radio 4’s Hip Hop Eardrum Show Hosted by Sanga Tembo tonight where he made clarity on certain Issues.

Addressing His line on H-Mac’s song “Down” were he rapped about having his finger cut off if Kantu was ever to blow, Slapdee said the money he had spent songbird on Kantu’s Music career was worth Suing her. At one time he even had to sacrifice his daughter’s school fees in order to pay for Kantu’s Music Video. Slapdee also revealed that he wrote “Alangizi” song for Kantu, which was initially a song for Bobby East who refused to record it pointing out that it was too girly.

He further commended Bobby East for the good job he is doing since he became CEO.  Nonetheless, Slapdee is still the chairman of the Label and they make decisions together.

Commenting on his much anticipated BW2 album, King Dizzo says the record is 80% done and by February Next year it will be ready. However, there is no international feature on the album although there was at first.