ThrowBack Thurday: Danny- Kaya


Off his 2005 album called “Kaya”, this album title song is Danny’s all-time Hit song. However Kaya was never just a hit song as it also spark some Controversy about the Future of The Legend himself. Some people actually thought he was predicting about his life and maybe Danny was reaching out.

On the contrary, Danny was trying to speak Wisdom on this song drawing all factors that determine the life expectancy of today’s generation. The song was never just about himself seeing his children and grad children grow and the possibility of watching the “2010 World Cup” but rather a word of caution to everyone living life reckless.

Nowadays Nga Wafika 50, Nishi Mune wailapalwa….” He emphasized. The live guitar strings and the production on this Song make it timeless with no expiry date. Danny’s Words on Kaya still apply today. “Life is too short and short be embraced and lived right.”



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