Dear Editor: Letter To Macky 2 & Slapdee


Dear Editor, Please Withhold my I.D

It seems like the plan which Macky 2 and Slapdee have made is working out well for them. Now, I know you all are wondering what that plan is, I will tell you. As we all know that Slapdee and Macky 2 are regarded as HipHop legends by people who don’t understand the language of media, they are worshiped and defended even when it’s clear that new talents are coming up more creative than them.

They have become more selfish to an extent whereby they do anything possible to shut down who ever that seems to be wanting to have a bite of their fame, by standing strongly against them. If history can serve me right, not too long ago we heard and saw underground vibrant hip hop artists who nailed different beats on point with strong lines which spoke greatly against and truly how these two constantly want the game to be on their side despite them having no Ambitions to put Zambia on the map (By Penetrating the International Market) where music is concerned but to put Zambia in their pockets through money. Information always comes in to my office like ” such and such an artist was physically and brutally beaten by a team of whatever crews these two belong to for speaking against Macky 2 or Slapdee‘. And this has brought fear to most talented underground real Hip Hop artist such that for them to express their battle mindset in music they should belong to either teams, or they will face torture if they go against both. Meaning these artists will always be under these two no matter how successful their music can be they will always fight a battle which Macky 2 and Slap Dee started in the beginning of which they don’t even know why.

It’s also very difficult for any talented and solo artist to enjoy the fame and penetrate the industry if they are not signed to Kopala or XYZ. In this regard artists who have left these two labels have suffered rejection from their Former fans who worship either Macky 2 or Slapee. It’s also true that Slapdee admits their Beef Cracked the industry but what is he doing to bring Change and Unity in the Industry?? We have seen Macky 2 sharing Links to Slapdee’s new music or some major news but Slapdee doesn’t reciprocate this to Macky 2. Even KB once said “These days you to be affiliated to a group or Movement or you never have run in this game.”

I have a lot to say but just know that Macky 2 and Slapdee are the ones actually holding the major key to the success of this Industry, all they need to do is to find alternatives of uniting their fans. “Maybe they should to a major Collaboration or something”. The Kopala-XYZ Boundary shouldn’t exist at all. The Zambian Music Industry Unity both among Artists and fans if the industry is to flourish.

NB: The Views Expressed in this Article do not in any way present those of Zed Hype Mag but those of the author whose Identity has been Withheldn at his request.