Slapdee recalls some Setbacks at the Inception of His career


Zambian Hip-hop King Slapdee popularly known as King Dizzo shared how difficult it was to record one of his then hit videos Zikomo. In a social media post Slapdee disclosed that reaching the level he is at has been a process and he appreciates his fans, friends and family for the support. The post read;

This is me about 8 years ago shooting my ‘Zikomo’ video. The girl in white is my cousin, Hannah who I picked up to help “fill in the gap” as an extra because I could not afford to pay any models or vixens. The other girl did me a favour…think she liked The street we shot the vid from is called Twin Palm in Kabulonga and as you may guess we were constantly asked to stop filming from gate to gate because it was restricted private area and “we looked like a bunch of thugs” but eventually we managed after about 6 rough takes to almost getting beaten up.

Luckily my entire crew was with me. The lady I ‘kongolad’ the green hoodie from kept calling for her money this day. She threatened to come with cops so I had to turn off my phone. At the end of the shoot, the one car that was available ran out of gas coz of the back and forth takes we used it for so half of the team had to walk back home as it drizzled. Today I own more than I ever thought I would and have an award for almost every one of my nominations.

Thank you Jesus for putting me here and giving me endless blessings. My fans, my family and friends, I love you all. Lastly, to anyone out there that’s trying but it all seems impossible…get up right now and try a hundred more times until it works out! Make giving up way harder than trying and you will definitely reign. Nothing stops until you decide for it to

The Facebook post was later deleted but thankfully we managed to get hold of it in due time.


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