La’wino Blasts People Taking Fly Jay Vids While Looking Dirty


Lawino says he finds if offensive for people to take pictures of Fly-J while he is looking dirty and post on social media. He advised that those who genuinely want to help should reach out and help without seeking social media attention.

He noted that he has been putting up so many measures in the background trying to get the boy off the street including staying with him at some point but the boy still goes back.
The Black Billionaire Records CEO called out model Alice Musukwa for being one of the people who shared a video of the boy looking dirty recently. Lawino further said what she did was wrong because being a public figure and sharing such videos of the boy will make other people think it’s right to do so.

La’wino also went off at Fly-Jay and for accused him of stealing his money, the young rapper then apologized and said the claims are fake.  Fly Jay‘s father also noted that keeping his son off the street has not been easy however people should not use that to ruin the boy’s reputation. Watch full video Below!


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