Plight returns to music scene & shares message in his new single ‘If I Leave’


Performing artiste, Plight Intellect is set to return to the Zambian scene with a single, ‘If I Leave’, which will be his latest release.

The Zambian artiste is famous for his recent top ranking single ‘You’, which features South African rapper, Emtee and late Zambian singer Deav.

The soon-to-be release single features Zambian rappers Jae Cash, Killa and is set to be launched this month.

According to singer, “If I Leave’ is story of a very beautiful girl to die for. She makes intentional mistakes knowing that she is beautiful and is simply saying she is sorry because she knows you will forgive her.

“But now you are saying of course, I will go to the extremes for you but know that If I Leave, that will be it,” he said.

The song is also based on current trends in modern society where beauty is seen as an excuse for the wrong.

Asked on what he currently thinks about Zambian music, the artiste said: “We have done some good work with our music so far but we have a lot more to do; we need to extend our music value and do music on the level that our fellow artistes in Nigeria are.”

Plight assured his fans that there would be more music coming forth from him this year.