Apple Guy King Zed To drop “Solution Part 1” on 25th February 2018



2018 has been that year which has come with a lot of surprises more especially where entertainment is concerned and who ever thought that the Zambian King Zed will be left out, was completely wrong. Because he is the apple which does not have a season but its always there through out.

We are talking about a young talented artist who is popularly known as Apple Guy King Zed, best known for his previous hit song titled leka Mbombe Lelo. Apple guy is back or should we say he is in front of  this weeks headlines with his new song titled Solution Part 1 which will be released this coming Sunday on 25th February 2018. As high profiled the title of the songs sounds same is the content in the song. Apple has outlined a number of Problems which Zambia is facing almost at all levels and in various parts and to the look of things its like he has started doing his Job as the young King he claims to be.

Honestly speaking he has proved to all that indeed he is an artist with a positive mission of which speaking on behalf of the Zambian crowd is included.
The Art work itself tells more on what to expect in this track which was exclusively produced and mastered by EB 2.

Dont forget to check out Solution by Apple Guy King Zed on the 25th of february

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