“Drifta trek has dissed again ” Says a music fan.


Dear Editor,

Power is a great gift which can be harmful if not handled with care. Most times i feel its better to point at than making it general.

This all comes to the last ended DJ,Hector Gold cypher which featured a number of artists who are celebrated by a big number of people of which the ones we are sure of are Zambians.

I Must say the production was good all credits to the man Hector Gold himself for his effort. Now the issue is with some artist in the cypher. If the record can save us right we heard some lines that sounded like they where being directed to certain artists in the same cypher from Drifta Trek. Now this is not the first time that  our young super star is throwing shots on other artists lyrically on a cypher project.

Can it be that he is gaming up the hip hop genre by being lyrically rude or he is the one who is understanding the cypher better than the others?

Drifta is a very good young artist who can handle his career in which ever direction that he take it to, and him building a beef with any artist is not a problem but it will be better if he specifies who he has on his target before he bites where he feeds from.

Yours faithfully,

Zambian music fan.

Please note: The above information has nothing to do with the administration of this blog. But they are views from a Zambian music fan.

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