Picasso shares why he thinks Bra-B and Camstar left Kopala swag



Hip Hop and dance music artist Picasso shared why he thinks Bra-B and Camstar left Kopala Swag Entertainment.

In an interview with DJ Showstar, Picasso said they might have left because they had too many expectations from the music label without fully playing their part. He said it could also be because Muzo aka Alphonso who was then signed to Kopala swag music after them began making waves in the industry. It hence looked like much effort was put on promoting Muzo which was not the case.

He further said the pair may have not reached the level they expected with the label because they were probably expecting the label to do most of the work for them which is not how it should be.

However, Picasso mentioned that he was giving this opinion out of observation because he has never really had a conversation with both rappers to find out why they left and validate his claim. Watch interview below!