The Music Industry Reacts to Mumba Yachi’s Arrest



The news about Mumba Yachi’s arrest seem to have been received with great sadness by everyone in the Music Industry. Everyone is calling for the Folk Musician’s Freedom with Hashtag “Free Mumba Yachi” trending on social media.

Mumba Yachi who is a Congolese national was arrested for alleged Passport and NRC Forgery. Among the big names in the Industry spearheading the “Free Mumba Yachi Campaign” are Petersen Zagaze, Slapdee, Wezi, Dj Showstar, Chef 187, Macky 2, Pilato, Davaos, Andy P, Dambisa, Dope G and many more others.

Since his arrest many statements have been issued and it’s so obvious Yachi is loved by the Industry. Other musicians and fans are regarding him the Face of true Zambian music and detaining him would cause casualty to authentic Zambian Music. Mumba Yachi had recently released first part of his double CD album called “The Great Work”.